G-Surge Glutamine Free Form

Recovery – Immune – Anabolism


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  •   Free from Banned Substances
  •   Free from Preservatives
  •   Free from Artificial Flavoring
  •   Free from Artificial Sweeteners
  •   Free from Artificial Fillers
  •   Free from Steroids/Doping Agents

G–Surge Glutamine Free Form


5G Glutamine
0g Sugar
0G Fat

Glutamine is a natural organic acid that plays a key role in recovery after intense activity. Glutamine helps protein synthesis & prevents muscles from being catabolized. It maintains cell volume and hydration, speeding up wound and burn healing recovery. Glutamine increases growth hormone levels by over 400%. Glutamine greatly improves immunity and is a primary energy source for your immune system.

We take flavor & mix ability very seriously, this is where "G-SURGE" stands as the clear leader. The ultra-unique flavors and easy to mix powder set the standard for high quality Glutamine.

Fuel your athletic performance with "G-SURGE"

We at GRIZZLY NUTRITION are fueled by passion, driven by innovation & rooted by deep ethical core values

Pure : Our products are of the purest and finest quality, undergoing several levels of testing at different stages, with more of good & none of bad, we deliver the very best to you.

Potent : With years of experience & refinement, hundreds of Scientific-Athlete tests & several patents, we proudly stand by the Effectiveness & Potency of our products.

Natural : The prime of our core values, we only deliver to you what nature has designed and delivered to us. We refuse to use any synthetic - artificial ingredients, taste-aroma enhancers, colours, fillers, steroids, etc. Every atom in your supplement is from nature!!