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  •   Free from Banned Substances
  •   Free from Preservatives
  •   Free from Artificial Flavoring
  •   Free from Artificial Sweeteners
  •   Free from Artificial Fillers
  •   Free from Steroids/Doping Agents
  •   Free from Milk Hormones



250mg Calcium
50mcg Vitamin K2 –MK7
200IU Vitamin D3, 100mcg Biotin (B7)

“Hexavito” is an advanced Calcium supplement along with key vitamins - scientifically formulated for high endurance Athletes. “Hexavito” contains calcium citrate malate which is water soluble form of calcium created through mixing the calcium salt found in citric acid with malic acid and is the most bioavailable form of calcium.

Calcium is crucial for overall health, almost every cell in the human body uses calcium, it is mainly used in the nervous system, muscles, heart, bone etc. Calcium is necessary for maintaining a strong bone matrix fuel your athletic performance with "HEXAVITO"

We at GRIZZLY NUTRITION are fueled by passion, driven by innovation & rooted by deep ethical core values

Pure : Our products are of the purest and finest quality, undergoing several levels of testing at different stages, with more of good & none of bad, we deliver the very best to you.

Potent : With years of experience & refinement, hundreds of Scientific-Athlete tests & several patents, we proudly stand by the Effectiveness & Potency of our products.

Natural : The prime of our core values, we only deliver to you what nature has designed and delivered to us. We refuse to use any synthetic - artificial ingredients, taste-aroma enhancers, colours, fillers, steroids, etc. Every atom in your supplement is from nature!!