Six Pack Abs Diet ! Strategy To Build Abs Quickly

Rome wasn’t built in a day, right? Neither are abs. However, revealing your abs is not that difficult, all you need is rock hard will power and a good eating strategy. It’s crucial to know that every person has a set of abs, safely hidden beneath a layer of flab.

This is where the two bifurcations arise in the abs building regime, the former being cutting out the fat intake and the obvious second, a balanced workout. The blueprint of the structure and size of a person’s abdominal muscles lies in his genetics, true that, however it’s not the only deciding factor.

We usually make mistakes while building six pack abs. But by following a healthy diet we can easily fix those mistakes. So learn the basics of nutrition that is leading factor of building six pack abs.

The Anti-Approach

First things first, there are a few flawed techniques that might lead to dicey results and are a definite NO which you must avoid. The ill-effects of all such practices are necessarily supported by scientific tests, but are not counted amongst the best practices by most experts.

  1. Fasting

    It is customary to lose fat in order to reveal abs, but starving yourself for long periods brings along lots of craving, emotional imbalance and frustration. A dietary lapse would be the last thing you want.
  2. “Work the Day, Play the Night” Attitude

    Laying off the diet plan once a week won’t hurt at all, but if you think working out all day but binge drinking and partying all night will still give you abs, boy you’re doomed. Yours is a human body, not the Terminator.
  3. Overdoing the Workout to burn extra calories

    No one can possibly out-crunch their belly fat, not even Arnold Schwarzenegger. The fat burning process is not amplified by overdoing any workout; rather it results in muscle injury due to over straining.
  4. Skipping the Carbs

    Carbohydrates do not necessarily prevent abs build up, bad sources of carbs do. The same goes for fats. Some sources bring along other macronutrients which inversely affect creation of abs.
    Other must avoid approaches include lack of sleep, consumption of unnecessary fat burning capsules, only working out the abdominal muscles and wasting money on worthless machines.

Knowing your Position

Everyone knows that the basic structure and built of a person has its origin in the genes, isn’t it? But you must know what body type is yours and your current position. Accordingly, you will then be able to set your target weight so as to achieve the abs you want.

Losing Weight While Building Six Pack Abs

Do you find yourself to be overweight? Well then, your diet plan should be such that it allows you to burn the body grease and put on more lean muscles. A good diet to cut out the body fat would include following food sources:

Lean Proteins – Sources of Protein containing very low levels of fat compared to the amount of calories packed in them. They prevent fat build-up and add up muscles in the body.

Sources are nonfat cottage cheese, egg whites, low-fat curd, mozzarella cheese, cheddar and legumes and beans.

Skinless chicken breasts and ground ham may be broiled, grilled or roasted to bring out the best protein.

Fish like salmon, herring and trout contain both lean proteins and omega-3 fatty acids which build muscles and strengthen the heart.

Fibers – Fibers are naturally found in plants and are of two categories: Soluble and Insoluble.

Soluble Fibers dissolve in water, form a gel and delay the emptying of the stomach, thereby making you feel full. Insoluble fibers retain water and provide mass to the ingested food; this helps prevent constipation and eases bowel movement.

While soluble fibers help in weight loss by preventing cravings, control cholesterol and pull down sugar levels, insoluble fibers aid faster removal of toxic waste and maintain the ph balance in the intestines.

Sources of soluble fibers are oranges, lentils, apples, oatmeals, pears, strawberries and nuts. Insoluble fibers are present in broccoli, whole grains, raisins, cabbage, brown rice, carrot and dark leafy vegetables.

MUFA & PUFA – Doesn’t everyone say you need to totally stop fat intake to reveal abs? Well, that’s a myth. Like everything else, there are good and bad sources of fat too.

Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids lower cholesterol levels and keep the heart healthy, reducing the risk of adverse cardiovascular conditions if moderately consumed.

Sources of MUFA include nuts, seeds, olive oil, peanut oil, canola oil, sunflower oil and sesame oil. Whereas soya bean oil, corn oil and fish like trout, herring and salmon are rich in PUFA.

Anti-Oxidants – Food sources that are rich in Antioxidants contain several nutrients which lower cholesterol, enhance metabolism, cut out belly fat and improve blood flow.

Flavonoids contained in onions, tea, pistachios and sweet peppers help reduce belly fat. Similarly, Green Tea along with caffeine is rich in ECGC which melts body fat. A special antioxidant in coffee called chlorogenic acid reduces cholestrol.

Moreover, Anthocyanins in pomegranate and red cabbage improve blood flow by maintaining blood vessels. Cinnamon contains antioxidants that control the blood sugar levels.

Gaining Weight To Build Six Pack Abs Muscle

You could gain weight by gobbling down all those cookies and wafers right? But that isn’t what you want. The issue about gaining weight is that you do not just have to add bulk to your body; rather you need to add muscles more importantly, by going beyond the basic nutritional requirements of the body.

Weight may be gained by adding up fat and muscles to the body. However, if a man’s body has more than 6-8% fat, the abs just won’t show. This is why you need to focus on building up more muscle while putting on weight rather than accumulating all the grease.

The best sources for cutting fat while building muscles are:

Lean Meat – Meat may be categorized on the basis of its color that is red and white. While red meat scores over white meat in terms of Vitamin C and B12 and iron and zinc content, white meat contains lesser fat and calories.

Veal, Lamb and pork are great sources of red meat which work wonders when you are aiming at putting on weight quickly. If you prefer white meat over red meat though, skinless chicken and duck breast are the best options available to you.

It is really important however that meat be boiled, grilled, roasted or broiled instead of deep frying or loading them up with grease while cooking, or it may completely ruin the diet plan.

Fish – There are several fish which are great sources of good proteins, omega-3 fatty acids and have really low fat content. Salmon also helps bring down the blood sugar levels, decreasing the insulin resistance of the body.

Moreover, fish such as trout, mackerel, bass, swordfish and tuna support the immune system of the body while aiding muscle growth and recovery.

Eggs – Although eggs have a really bad repute due to the cholesterol content in the yolk, it shall be of no harm to Ectomorphs looking to gain weight due to their high metabolism.

Whole eggs are great sources of macronutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats with high calorific value. Micronutrients in the form of folate, iron and phosphorus are also present in abundance.

The daily cholesterol intake of a normal person is 300ml which can easily covered by a couple of medium sized whole eggs without causing any harm to the body.

Dairy Products – While adding bulk to the body, dairy products with low fat content can be one of the best supplements to aid the growth and upkeep of muscles as well as for strengthening bones.

One aspect of dairy products such as Cottage Cheese with Live Culture and Fermented Milk products such as Kefir are that they are flowing with probiotics or good bacteria that keep the gut healthy by breaking down food while sucking up all the nutrients.

On the other hand casein protein in cheese helps in maintaining muscles. Yogurt contains estrogen which is great for exercise recovery.

Complete Protein for Vegetarians – Anything that breathes and bleeds contains complete proteins. For Vegetarians however there are other sources of complete proteins which contain all the amino acids needed to build new proteins.

Complete Proteins may also be obtained by combining two or more incomplete vegetarian sources such as beans with whole grains, nuts or seeds with wholegrain or beans with nuts and seeds.

The best sources include quinoa, legumes with brown rice, soy, buckwheat and hempseed.

One of the most crucial things that should be kept in mind for both losing and gaining weight while training for six-pack abs is to keep the body all day. Deficient water content in the body causes dehydration which may hamper the functioning of the body severely.

Sketching Your Strategy To Get Quick Result

You’ve been thinking of designing a strategic diet all these years, it’s so difficult though, but is it? Every Diet Plan has a strategy, carved according to the needs of the person on the basis of his workout regime and body type. Aimlessly breaking your back like a gym-rat and chewing down endless protein bars shall be no good.

A good eating strategy maintains a balance between your food intake and the workout hours, while providing necessary vantage points to monitor your progress and to correct the flaws in the regime.

1. Quantify your Intake – Calculating the calorie and protein mark the initiation of planning for a diet. You may easily calculate it on the basis of your bodyweight using a simple formula for the same. The target may be computed by the equation bodyweight x 20kcal daily.

A simple Google search would give you several results for Calorie Calculator. Though it is important not to cross the target intake, a cheat diet once a week would not hurt a lot. In order to increase your consumption, after two weeks, add 500kcal per day.

2. Devise your Diet – Are you in the habit of eating only 3 but huge meals? I wouldn’t recommend that. It is necessary that you pan out several small meals throughout the day at an interval of 3 hours. This not only gives the body time to digest and suck up the nutrients but also keeps it replenished with all the required macro and micro nutrients.

Stop gulping down plain coffee, would you?

Start your day with a good action-packed breakfast containing a generous amount of calories to boost your body for the day’s work. It should ideally contain quinoa or oatmeal, whole-grains with nuts, green veggies, yogurt, smoothies and eggs. A balanced combo does wonders.

The lunch should be a little lighter to maintain the calorie level and should be a mix of a whole-meal, a dairy product and fruits or salad, salad and meat. However, there’s no harm in mixing it up according to your taste till the calorie intake is under a check.

Dinners should usually include red or white meat or fish containing lean proteins mixed up with lots of green vegetables in the form of salad or prepared otherwise. You should ensure not to have a heavy dinner and must avoid generous portions since the body would be resting for the next few hours and low activity could spike up sugar level in the blood.

This diet plan must also include in-meal snacks containing whole-meals and legumes, salads, fruits, nuts, dairy products like cheese and yogurt, smoothies to maintain the calorie levels in the body and to prevent starvation of body cells.

  • Plan Regime – You wouldn’t want to feel worked out even before hitting the gym, would you? To prevent that, the workout regime has to be planned keeping in mind the daily routine of yours. For instance, if you work, you could either plan going to the gym in the morning or go for it after a short after-office rest.

Another deciding factor is the manner in which you have panned out your diet. This is very crucial because you can’t go to the gym with a heavy stomach and neither with an empty one.

It is crucial to plan the pre and post gym diet in a balanced way to make the most of your regime efficiently.

Best and Worst Sources of Macro and Micronutrients

We have extensively talked about what are the best sources for every nutrient that the body requires however there are several bad sources of food and that people ignore while working out for six-pack abs. What do I mean by that? Have a look.

Bad Sources of Food

  • Food With High Sugar Content – Sources that are too rich in sugar raise the blood sugar content upon consumption. This allows several ailments to creep in, the immune system is weakened, release of growth hormone is suppressed and unnecessary inflammation is triggered which leads to early aging and leaves the body weak against diseases. Moreover it may also cause diabetes over time as your pancreas stops responding to the body’s insulin requirements.
  • Food With Excessive Fat Content – Unmonitored intake of oily food or food that is fried, deep fried may adversely affect the body in many ways.

Firstly, such food items contain saturated and trans-fats that accumulate all over the body and increase body weight. They spike up the blood cholesterol levels and block the blood vessels resulting in cardiovascular ailments.

Secondly, they cause acid refluxes, gastric problems, pull down exercise performance and may also trigger migraines amongst a long list of other problems.

  • Nuts low on nutrients – Although most nuts are nutrient packed and are great for you, some nuts such as Macadamia and Pecans come with the most calories and highest fat levels while having lowest nutrient values. They may be great for people not aspiring for six-pack abs, but for you they are totally banned.
  • Sodas – High on sugar, caffeine and phosphoric acid sodas have been the reason for high blood pressure, spiked blood cholesterol levels, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity and several other problems.

They are often made using water containing alarmingly high levels of fluoride and chlorine causing long term health problems that are very difficult to cure.

Keeping a check on your diet all the time may sound very punishing but if you keep your goal in your mind at all times, it will keep you motivated to keep it going till the end. Going off-track once a while is human and may be nullified by an extra hour of sweating out at the gym, and that is how you get those ripped six-pack abs.

As, Nutrition is important during abs training. So I have listed the top tips to help you to get the fastest result you wish. It is proven and followed by every athlete or model to get the best result in no time.

Athlete follows this schedule to improve sports performance. Models follow to get a ripped body. So change your diet habit to improve your workout performance, recover faster and build hard ripped ABS fast.

Eating Tips To Get 6 Pack Abs Faster

  1. Eat after Exercise: After tough and long workout period body energy gets depleted. So you need to eat food to replenish those lost energy. Body need fast acting carbs and high quality protein to fuel and repair muscle tissue. So eat banana, egg or any post workout foods within 30 minutes of training.
  2. Eat Six Time: The best strategy to eat a meal is to eat small meals for 6 times throughout the day. Small meal keeps the metabolism and energy level up. So it prevents the storage of fat in the body.
  3. Hydrate: Drink before, during and after training. This will prevent you from dehydration.
  4. Ban Trans-fat: Fat is good for health. But trans-fat foods like pizza, burgers, etc. are very harmful. During a training for abs muscles, these foods will make you abs less visible. Thus these harmful trans-fat form layer and get stored upon your abs muscles. So ban it from your regular diet.ion increases the risk of injury and slows the metabolism. Drink at least 3-4 liter of water a day.
  5. Eat Fat: Fat is not always harmful for you and your abs. Instead of eating outside snack you should include oily fish, nuts or olive oil. This will replenish your fat store and also prevent muscle breakdown.
  6. Eat Healthy Food: Eat healthy food like fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, fish, meat and milk. They provide essential nutrients for the development of abs muscles. Also avoid food that risks your health like fast foods.
  7. Avoid Alcohol: Stay away from alcohol or any alcoholic drinks during training for abs. A large gives you almost 200 empty calories. These calories get stored in the body as it is of no use.
  8. Take Rest: Rest is most important during abs training. During long tough training schedule body need some time to recover and fuel its energy store. So take a rest day to fasten your muscle building and increase recovery.
  9. Treat Yourself: During long training and healthy eating program you can take a break. Occasionally you can eat what you like or always wanted to eat. These satisfy your craving for those foods. So eating your favorite dish once in a while will not interfere with your progress.